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Yet again, what is hackerasmus?


It is a lifestyle realized accidentally later by nomad hacklavers who want to share the benefits of it with other people.

This doing Erasmus-University-Protestantism-$ advertisement, isn't it?

A little bit but not much.

This is contradictory with the Hack(er) term, isn't it?

Definetely not .)

I'm on erasmus, can i do hackerasmus at the same time?


As long as you are able to do your daily hackerasmus duties is ok. Try to convince your University teachers about doing some of the hackerasmus projects for their subjects also for you saving time.

And if i will do University/Erasmus after hackerasmus?

probably not.



This hackerasmus still looks to eurocentric to me

Posibly, many poor people in Africa also want to go the Universitie$ or just dream about travelling... . There you can't be easily named hacker because in most of the territory they don't have internet conexion or hardware where to put free software in. Freedomers do what we can and a bit more anywhere we are. Hackerasmus is/was first promoted by Europeans...

There were similar things called different in the past and there are some hackerasmus forks on the way...

What kind of projects are developed?


There is this wiki page where you can see some. You can also add others and there will be an interesting permanent discussion about them. However, please note that we want the done things during hackerasmus having the most global impact-result posible. If you can use the local sace/area as a testing grounds for it, much better.

Also note that for that glocal impact we are looking to do jobs at trackers more than doing worshops.

Who finally chooses the projects?

Mentorities negotiate the development schedule with the newbies before recommending their stays in the spaces.

What is the difference between maintenance and development works?


Maintenance works are the ones that you shouldn't be doing for saving time for investing it developing things. Some are unavoidable like going to get some food or breathing. Other maintenace works can be a result of a badly planned strategy-tasks' organization that wastes time that you should indentify and report during your hackerasmus.

Are hackerasmusers required to help cleaning spaces' toilets?

Maybe, but definetely not as spaces' slaves assholes.

What to do if so?

Contact mentorities inmediately.

What kind of spaces?


There's a wide range of different kind of spaces available. You should choose what things you prefer the most at which time.

Why can't i see which concrete spaces are?

Available places/spaces are not publicly shown because most of them don't want to be publickly advertised in these pages and so by advertising the ones who want we will be discriminating others.

What does it really mean communitary space?


A space that is as yours as others' like you. Read more about it here.

I'm interested i'm traveling but i'm a bit unsocial...

Don't worry, you can anytime be in a communitary space in isolated areas where nobody will disturb your working... . We are aware of the dangers of too much chating..

How to live without $?


People on hackerasmus normally receive further presents that they haven't asked for as a result of their workings. You should bring basic personal things like toothbrush, etc.

These are some basics anyway:

  1. By working on a communitarian field, exchanging things for food, recicling, cooking for many... you can eat very well.
  2. Energetic autonomy is at the top of hackerasmus' prioritary projects.
  3. By sleeping in a communitary space you can dream better.
  4. By doing the right favors now you get a securer future.
  5. By loving yourself enough you don't need $spending therapizing$.

Can i buy things with $ and then eat them/use them during hackerasmus?

Yes, you can buy etc$ for all week on sunday and then don't spend nothing$ up to the next Sunday(it will count as 6 days hackerasmus)

People on hackerasmus


Newbies should contact hackerasmus (at) hacklaviva (dot) net

What are the prefered people?

  1. People finishing their high school this year.
  2. People who want to spend a period of time thinking about something while building nice stuff.
  3. People really tired of $ everywhere.

Are hackerasmusers forced to work 5 hours a day in the hackerasmus' projects?


They are required to do that for getting to next hackerasmus' levels.

What happen if hackerasmusers work just 4 hours and 55 minutes in one day?

The following day they have to work 5 hours and 5 minutes at least.

If hackerasmuser work 10 hours one day, does it count as a +2days' hackerasmus?


What happen if hackerasmusers work just 2 hours a day during 10 days?

That you get +2 days' hackerasmus and hopefully hackerasmus' mentorities notice it or receive an unconfortable message from local people.

Are hackerasmus mentorities living in the same spaces with the newbies?

. .

They can be, they can be not. You choose that preference in the form/your plan.

Mentorities'... autority?

Yes, they are autorities for hackerasmusers up to they receive a mail from some local maintainers with the hackerasmuser on CC stating that they from now take full resposabily on the acts of the previously hackerasmus' mentored person.

Who chooses who comes not?

Context first, then mentorities recommend your staying at some spaces, but other local people have the final autoritarian decision about it. Hackerasmusers may not know about it and definetely shouldn't care about this.

Who exactly are Mentorities?

Mentorities are diferent people receiving mails to the same shared adress who have been hackerasmusing for a long time.

PiaRedondo was shown as a mentority, why not anylonger?

There was once someone who contacted Pia for becoming a mentority and said as a condition that he/she/it/they wanted to be underground. So PiaRedondo saw that interesting and went to that place there too..

PiaRedondo reached the Hackerasmus 3.1a level,

People could go to those spaces and do the same without needing all this hackerasmus+qualifications+menthorities bureaucracy...


LOL, yees. But some need an ally's help for deciding that, some spaces require further formalities and there's people who want to go to places where there are hackerasmusers already there.

Is this serious or a joke?

Hackerasmus adds fun to the people who develop important communitary things, seriously.

Why hackerasmus?

  1. Because it's better than University.
  2. Because $ sucks.
  3. Because there's a necessity of encouraging and helping people for going to experience normal life in different communitary spaces worldwide.
  4. Because there's a need for developing some key projects for you and a better around, and those spaces have a lot of good vibes for feeding you for that.

Why university it's not enough?

Because we need more options for choosing developing our universalism,

Why $ sucks?




  • Universalities!
  • Get richer!
  • Have a trip around and then decide.
  • Travel and live $free you dear!
  • Njoy!
  • Hack the your house!
  • If you don't have a house, you'll have many!
  • ...
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